Jamie & Doug: Family Photos

Jamie & Doug arrived in Pittsburgh on Thursday from Florida, with them Luc & Kendal.  With each visit home, we setup an appointment and do family photos.   Jamie is my niece and I will never forget the first time she saw Doug … we were sitting on the dock of our boat watching a boat coming near us with this amazing skier cutting water like a pro… as he got closer we saw that he was wearing a Bart Simpson mask!!  Without ever seeing his face Doug touched Jamie’s heart and they have been together ever since.

This trip was extra special because they were bringing home their newest little one, Kendal, for her baptism and for the family to meet.     –Francine




Family Photos

Luc with Dad

Kendal with Mom

Kendal & Mom


One Response

  1. Jamie..congatulations….the kids are dolls! I am going to forward this to Denielle….she is be thrilled to see Luc & Kendall!!!


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