Trash the Dress : Senior Style

Yesterday I had scheduled Mikayla, for a “Senior Style” TTD session, she absolutely loved her prom dress and wanted the chance to wear it again.   We had been talking about it for months; the day finally came and with it a chill in the air, gray clouds which teased all day with light sprinklings, and the constant threat of rain. We discussed rescheduling, but then thought, this is a trash-the-dress session, this may just work. Last week we had taken a seminar from David Ziser on creative lighting; finding it where there is none. So with Dawn assisting me off we went with our reflectors and gear.

Even though we call these sessions trash-the-dress, We’re not actually into “trashing” the dress (unless of course you want to and then we’re there for you!).  On the contrary, if you wish we will try to keep it as clean as possible,  (so see mom’s you don’t have to worry).  With a TTD we are looking for the unusual, something out of the norm… something that brings out the “wow” factor.  A session that you can actually put on your wedding dress or prom gown again and just have fun and be yourself. 

Schedule your TTD session TODAY … you pick the location or let us.  ~Francine

Mikayla, you did EXCELLENT job and your photos are amazing, here’s a sneak peek:








5 Responses

  1. Hi Jimbo … thank you for your comment … we always welcome all comments pro or con.

    Actually there wasn’t much fear of dirting this dress, the day of the shoot it was lightly raining most of the day.

    I’ve been a fan of TTD for some time now and have found that not all TTD sessions totally trash their dress, the concept was taken and used to what the client wanted. Hence calling it the “Senior Style” session. Of course if a client wanted to lay in the water or in the dirt I’m all for it. I’ve been getting requests for this style of session and believe that not everyone who spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on a gown wants to wipe it out, this way they get the “look” without totally damaging the dress.

    Just my point of view ~ Francine

  2. hi, with all due respect, while I think these are very nicely composed and exposed pictures, they do not even come close to TTD. Anytime one has to worry about getting some dress dirty–and even laying down a sheet to protect it–then the results should be categorized as something else, in this case, outdoor senior photography.

    And it’s kind of ironic, for that polyester dress she’s wearing looks like it would come out of an organic TTD session (water, dirt, etc) quite well, prob looking better than new. Modern prom and wedding dresses are much more durable than people think, and it’s too bad so many limits on creativity were imposed on this shoot because of fear of a dirty dress.

    Not being a devil’s advocate, and like I said I do like the shots, but TTD? Not even close.

  3. Wow what a great idea and Mikayla looks great. I love the shots. Can’t wait to tell people. Love the family shots in the Blog too.

  4. Thanks Alex & Candy … Mikayla did awesome, you would never know that she was freezing and that thoughout our session it keep sprinkling, her hair held up great – can’t say much for mine though! Francie

  5. OMG…Mikayla, these are so beautiful!! And you know how it pains me to say that…teehee! Francie & Dawn, what a wonderful photo shoot. These really are some awesome pics.

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